Eat This, Not That

Have you ever attended a networking event or been hanging out with friends and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a hot debate about nutrition? One friend says he's getting great results from juicing, another wants you to try Advocare, and still a third has just become a vegan now that she's read "The China Study." You heard "you are what you eat," and you don't want to become a bag of marshmallows, but what do you do? Who's right and who's smoking carrots?

First, there is no one-size-fits-all model. I mean, think about it, your best friend loves to run--the longer the race, the better--but your knees ache just thinking about going for a brisk walk. Remember, everybody is different, and every body is different. Just like your friend's fitness routine may not be for you, her diet may not either.

Are there some universal truths about what's "bad" nutrition and what's "good" nutrition? Maybe. Most nutritionists will agree excessive consumption of sugar (including its ever-present evil twin, high fructose corn syrup) is probably not good for most people. (I would say "all" but you never know if there is some Tibetan monk somewhere who thrives on a diet of only cane sugar.)

Second, don't believe everything you hear or read. Why? I spend hours each week combing through peer-reviewed, scientific studies about nutrition, and I can tell you this: a lot of "studies" and generally accepted "truths," are based on flawed methodologies. Research couched in authority may very well be inaccurate and misleading when you really delve into it. For example, since the 1970s, this country has been brainwashed into believing that the consumption of red meat and saturated fat leads to heart attacks. This conclusion is based on flawed research. In fact, as it turns out, fat--and not just proclaimed "good fat" like avocados and nuts--is not only essential, but it actually is critical for weight loss, brain development and optimal health.

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