FitN30 offers programs and pricing to fit just about everyone’s needs and budget. Per session pricing allows you to customize your program to fit into your schedule and at your price point. Now is YOUR time and FitN30 is YOUR place.

Perhaps you’ve tried other fitness programs before. Maybe you saw results for a little while–before life got in the way and you quit. Or maybe you got injured and had to take some time off. Maybe you have not worked out in years and are worried about jumping into one of these “high intensity” group classes your co-workers are always raving about.

FitN30 cater workouts to all genders, body types and fitness levels.

Our experienced, knowledgeable fitness coaches will:

  1. Create a program tailored to your fitness goals and physical capabilities.
  2. Develop a custom nutrition plan that will help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals faster.
  3. Keep you motivated and hold you accountable to your fitness program and goals.

We love each and every one of you, but you may not be ready for this FitN30 program if you fit into any one of these categories:

  • Think your trainer should be able to create miracles for you without you doing any work or putting in the effort.
  • Don't respect other people's time and commitment.
  • Don’t think that fitness is worth investing the time and money in.
  • Just want to sit, chat, and kill time during your training sessions.
  • Come up with excuses or complaints about specific exercises your trainer requests of you -- If you'd rather just spend your time on the elliptical machine, then you don't need our help.

Sorry, but we simply won't be a good fit.

We want You if you fit into these categories:

  • If You are focused on their goals and results!
  • If You are prepared to be responsible & accountable!
  • If You are READY to invest in Your health and fitness!
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, if You want to have FUN during Your fitness journey!

If that's YOU, then It’s Time to Get Real About Your Fitness with FitN30. Get Ready to Be Transformed!

FitN30 offers the following fitness programs:

24 Hour Fitness Gym

Our Trainers Edge facility provides a 24 hour access 365 days a year to a Fitness Gym. Members can access anytime and as many times as they want. We have state of the art facility fitness equipment, free weights and cardio equipment that provide a variety of exercises to meet all of your needs for strength and fitness training as well as weight loss and management. When you join our 24 hour Fitness Gym at Trainers Edge, you know what to expect and we are extremely proud of our fitness team who are always ready to serve you our valued client. Our Fitness Club and our team are devoted and committed to making your fitness journey an extraordinary experience.


Just one-on-one with you and a trainer working through a program custom-designed to meet your specific fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, lean out, build muscle, tone and tighten, or just feel more energetic, healthier and stress-free, this program is the fastest way to achieve your goals. Private sessions also are perfect for you if you haven't worked out in a while and want to jump-start your success, or if you don't like to work out around others. Either pay as you go (subject to availability) or buy a block of sessions. The more you buy, the more you'll save.

Group Fitness Classes

If you really get motivated and energized when you work out with others, then our group classes are for you. CrossFit-style training, with pre-planned functional fitness workouts. You'll be challenged on every level, still get great results, and get in and out quickly so you can get on with your day or evening. Our trainers are certified to teach CrossFit and have more than six years experience programming these types of workouts. We have trained almost 8,000 people in CrossFit since 2008.

Semi-Private Sessions

Gain all the benefits of using a Fitness Coach while reducing the cost by working out with friends or family members. Fitness training, core exercises, and stretching are twice the fun when you can share it.

Each member will receive a tailored program that is designed specifically for each individual based on his/her fitness goals, prior injuries and/or health considerations. As each individual has different goals they will be challenged according to their goals during their training sessions.

Unlike group fitness classes, the training sessions are private with the group numbers being limited to the ratio of one Fitness Coach to only 3 individuals. We do recommend however that the members of the group have prior fitness training experience and are on similar fitness levels.

Senior Fitness

Ageing populations set new requirements for efficient and cost effective ways of taking care of our senior citizens. Life expectancy in Australia is the second longest after Japan. It is crucial to make sure that our elderly has the strength they need for daily activities as long as possible.

Physical activity is seen as a more and more important part of the quality of life of elderly. Regular exercise with adequate equipment maintains the ability to function, prevents & treats illnesses and supports mental health. The amount of muscular mass decreases about 40 % by the age of 70 and a significant decrease can be seen after 50 years of age. Inactivity causes rapid changes in muscular strength, 3-5% decrease per day in the first week for those patients who are in bedrest. After the regular exercising period you can expect increased muscle strength for daily activities, benefits for incontinence and mental health.

Sports & Athletic TRAINING

Weight training is crucial for sporting athletes. Muscle-building weight training is also important for athletes wanting to maintain or improve sports performance. Weight training that focuses on building muscle mass is crucial for sporting athletes. The off-season and pre-season should be used to develop muscle mass and strength. During the pre-competition and competition phases of training, the increased muscle mass and strength should be converted to power through a combination of specific sports training and exercises designed by professional strength and conditioning specialists.

  • Increases independence as we age
  • Helps prevent and treat osteoporosis
  • Normalises blood pressure in people with high blood pressure
  • Reduces resistance to insulin in people with type 2 diabetes
  • Decreases both total and abdominal body fat linked to increased cardiovascular disease risk
  • Increases resting metabolic rate, so helps weight control
  • Reduces risk of falls
  • Helps reduce pain and improve function in people with osteoarthritis
  • Improves posture
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Increases muscle mass for strength and power development in sport
  • Increases fast twitch fibre area, for speed and power generation
  • More muscle to take up oxygen and improve endurance performance, following endurance training
  • Stronger connective tissue (ligaments, tendons and cartilage) to increase joint stability and help prevent injury
  • Increased bone density and thus bone strength, helping to prevent injury
  • Helps with weight control
  • Improved self-confidence in training and competition


FitN30 runs bootcamps each Saturday. Each of these sessions are individually designed and no two weeks are ever the same. There is a huge variety of training and training techniques, so it’s always original and fun. Some weeks we use sandbags, others obstacle courses, tabata, team challenges, x-fit style medicine balls, boxing, circuits, ropes, the list is endless. The bootcamp sessions are wonderful for athletic conditioning so you work your entire body whilst keeping your heart rate up. Bring on that lean chiselled look.

FitN30 Bootcamps work the whole body and cater for all ages and abilities - beginner to advanced. We deliver significant physical results through increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness, increased strength and speed, agility, recovery and above all reduction in body fat together with increased muscle tone and definition.

FitN30 bootcamps are high intensity interval training which consequently burn more calories in less time compared with moderate aerobic activities. Exercising in a team environment also is a great motivator with bootcampers being supported and encouraged by team mates and enjoying the camaraderie that invariably develops as everybody completes the same exercises. This team motivation also helps you push yourself harder which leads to faster results.

Our Bootcamps combine cardiovascular and resistance training in one effective workout!

  • Fat / weight loss
  • Improved muscle tone and definition
  • Improved heart and lung function
  • Increased speed and stamina
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased metabolism leading to a lean, mean fat-burning machine

Pregnancy (Pre & Post Natal)

FitN30 offers safe and effective fitness training programs for expectant mothers. Our programs cater towards achieving the following outcomes:

  1. Ensure mothers that they are at their ultimate level of fitness when giving birth.
  2. An effortless after birth recovery.
  3. Enhanced stamina and energy levels.
  4. Improved sleep and restfulness.
  5. Maintaining muscle tone and strength.
  6. Regaining a better body post-baby and shedding any excess baby weight.
  7. Faster return to normal activities in the postpartum period.

Custom Nutrition Plans

The reality is you can have the best training program but if you are not eating correctly you won't change your body composition or improve your performance. We like to ensure you are getting the best results and we even have a dedicated Nutritionist who is engaged by the Mayo Clinic. Please note: We are not a dieticians. We are coaches who have had many years experience in preparing nutrition plans for health & fitness achievers – and know many diet and exercise secrets that everyone can apply about losing body fat whilst maintaining muscle. We know what works from our vast experience with every body type and physiology as well as keeping up with the latest research.


We have an amazing Chiropractor practicing at our Trainers Edge facility. Chiropractic is a natural method of healing that stimulates the body’s communication system to work more effectively to initiate, control and coordinate the various functions of the cells, organs and systems of the body. Chiropractic is the method of natural healing most chosen by those seeking complementary/alternative health care for acute and chronic conditions. Chiropractors recognize that many factors affect your health, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, environment and heredity. Chiropractic focuses on maintaining your health naturally to help your body resist disease, rather than simply treating the symptoms of disease. If you would like a consultation please contact Dr. Peter Satto at 386.848.2838 for an appointment.

Therapeutic Massage

We have a Professional Certified Massage Therapist on staff here at the Trainers Edge facility. Massage is not only a great way to unwind and relax but it also helps with revitalizing your muscles after you have had an intense workout. Massage therapy helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis, and with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from a little stress-management. If you would like a massage please contact Pam at 407.416.4416 for an appointment.

The benefits of Massage include:

  1. Relieves Stress
  2. Encourages Relaxation
  3. Improves Posture
  4. Improves Circulation
  5. Lowers Blood Pressure
  6. And Much More

Rehab Therapy (Pre & Post)

Our Coaches train with clients who require surgery as well with clients who have pre-existing injuries and need to continue working on those areas even after physical therapy. It is essential to maintain post-rehab training with an experienced personal trainer. This assists in the continual improvement in the strength and flexibility of your body post injury.

Our Coaches at FitN30 are experienced and knowledgeable in designing individual post rehabilitative fitness training programs for clients. We also liaise directly with your physician and physical therapist to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in working towards to a successful recovery.

Partner Training

Gain all the benefits of using a Fitness Coach while reducing the cost by working out with your spouse or partner. Fitness training, core exercises, and stretching are twice the fun when you can share it.

Each member will receive a tailored program that is designed specifically for each individual based on his/her fitness goals, prior injuries and/or health considerations. As each individual has different goals they will be challenged according to their goals during their training sessions.

In-Home Training

Whether you don't like gyms, or have a demanding schedule, or just prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home, we can accommodate you with our new In-Home Private Training program. We bring the equipment and workout to you! Get great results without leaving home. Special rates for working out with a spouse or friend.


It doesn't matter how much you deadlift if you are dead. Just read the news headlines and every day you'll read stories of innocent people becoming the victims of violent attacks. Refuse to be a victim! Our private, personal defense training can help you prepare for the worst situations, and it is "hands on," not just theory.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching can help anyone and at any point in their lives. You don’t have to be suffering with something to get Life Coaching.

Areas where a life coach can help you:

Reassessing life goals and developing action plans

  1. Lack of balance between work and life
  2. Difficulty dealing with stressful situations
  3. Difficulty making life decisions
  4. Prioritizing projects and timelines
  5. Improving relationships
  6. Urgent situations involving high risks or challenges
  7. Identifying core strengths and maximizing their potential
  8. Simplifying life to reduce stress and increase productivity
  9. Help with time management
  10. Lack of control over life