Why Personal Training

Accelerate your results with a Fitness Coach

There isn’t a more effective method for weight loss and achieving your fitness goals than one-on-one personal training.

Whether you want to lose weight, get healthy or build muscle, Personal Training is the proven way. At FitN30, personalized training programs are specifically designed to meet your individual requirements.

Working with you during each session, your Fitness Coach develops a structured program focusing on achieving your specific goals, whether it be bulking up on muscle mass, getting lean, improving your strength and conditioning, etc. All training sessions are designed to be rewarding, fun, motivating, encouraging and educational, making it easier and more enjoyable to achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

Your Fitness Coach will partner with you to keep you accountable, focused, motivated and achieving results.

Each personal training session generally incorporates both weight training to build or maintain lean muscle and some cardiovascular exercises to keep your heart rate up and build upon your current level of fitness. More muscle means a faster metabolism which will in turn burn more fat and increases energy. More muscle also means your body needs more calories to maintain itself.

We will keep your heart rate up to ensure you keep burning fat as well. We will always keep the sessions interesting, fun and challenging. The plan for each of your sessions will depend upon your goals – i.e. more fitness work, strength work or a combination of both – you may even like to use the sessions to focus on specific body parts.

If you listen to, and follow the guidance of your Fitness Coach, failure is not possible. Not only will you achieve your health and fitness goals, but you’ll also look and feel great, and be proud of the reflection you see in the mirror every morning.

With FitN30 by your side, we’ll help you sculpt the body of your dreams.

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