Crystal Y.

I LOVE FitN30! I joined after struggling at the “regular” gym to lose the weight I’d gained during pregnancy. I was working out 4 times a week taking classes and using the machines. Each workout I’d spend an hour. I was completely frustrated with my body, lack of results and the cost of personal training after inquiring about it. My husband told me about (FitN30) and I was interested but hesitant. I read that the workouts averaged 30 minutes and I thought “how hard could that be?” The first workout was the hardest workout I had ever done. Period. I convinced myself “this isn’t for me” and went home. I realized that I had always been on my own at the “regular” gym and that if I wanted to see results I would have to get out of my comfort zone and work hard. I joined the next day and will never go back to a “regular” gym. I like the personal support and guidance that the trainers provide. The workouts are tough and I’m proud of myself each day I complete one. I’ve lost all of my pregnancy weight and am a stronger, happier and healthier person.