Justin S.

High intensity and great results. That’s pretty much what you get here. I had been going to a regular gym for years doing the same workouts. I have been going to FitN30 for about six months now. The first three months, I lost 12 lbs. and two inches off my waist. I have since increased my overall strength across my whole body. Not just the areas I focused on in a regular gym. I felt like I have never truly “worked out” until joining FitN30. The trainers are extremely helpful. They are very focused on using correct form and pushing you to make yourself better. I honestly can’t say enough about the gym and staff. You don’t get the egos that you get in a regular gym either, which is great. Everyone is very encouraging and everyone motivates each other to get better. These workouts also helped me to finally change my diet. I think the motivation from the workouts helped my motivation to eat better. I was finally able to cut out soda and fried foods. I can’t imagine doing any other type of workout routine. I love it.

Restaurant Manager